RYERSON University, Toronto, Canada

We are proud to supply our new REVOLUTIONi3 3D Printers to Ryerson University Facutulty Of Communication and Design FCAD.  Including their new state of the art Maker Space.

Thingiverse Open Source File Release

We have posted our design files for the new REVOLUITONi3 3D Printer including our new cable chain system on for free download.  The new cable chain system is compatible with our previous 3D printers and any other RepRap Prusa i3 Reworks  We are a proud member of the open source 3D printing revolution.

REVOLUTIONi3 3D Printer Release March 3rd 2015

Our latest state of the art 3D printer with over 20 upgrades from our last machine.  We have designed a completely new cable chain system that covers all cables and allows the machine to be lifted and transported without worrying about cable damage.  We are also very excited to launch LEDs for the first time on our printers.  We have decided to focus on heated bed builds only which allows for greater flexibility of filament but also higher quality first layer prints.   The New RepRap Prusa Mendel (Rework)REVOLUTION i3 Variant 3D Printer is priced at $1,400 Canadian.